Students’ Guide to Critical Thinking About Science and Astrology

Critical thinking in astrology is a must. Students will need to write an essay on astrology and demonstrate their critical thinking skills. Astrology is the best field to test the critical thinking ability of the students. It has a lot of areas to launch your augment and write an engaging essay. You may require to criticize why astrology is not a science. Though most of the argument may seem abstract you must have critical minds to make analysis.

Do you wonder why is astronomy a science and astrology not? You can find out and write an engaging essay. Here is the guide to critical thinking in astrology.

Analyze the astrology and rational fallacy critically

There is a disagreement between the skeptical movement and astrology. The skeptical movement called themselves scientists who criticized astrological theories and artifacts, terming them as nonscientific. Though their sentiments are based on fallacies, nothing solid to back up their argument. If you there get fallacies out of their agreements, then students can reason with soberness and make a sober decision on them.

Unfortunately, the skeptics ground their argument on abuse of authority, ignorance, ridicule, and false presumptions. You can analyze how they base their argument according to their ignorance, abuses to their authority, and more – anything that raises a baseless argument.

Out of ignorance, skeptical individuals have come up with a fallacy that astrology is not factual. From their argument, they say that the popularity of the sun sign is not evidence for making astrology true. According to their thinking, just because most people use the sun sign charts to predict their future, it is a factual field.

Skeptics look down upon astrology because of their appeal to authority. They are making baseless critics of the astrological concepts and ideas because they are fighting to remain relevant and consistent with their authority. Other scientists in different parts of the world have faced critics from their peers because they have tried siding with astrology. They resist and argue against astrology not because they have a research-based idea even doing future research

Scientists raise a concern about astrology is based on the way they defend their ideas. According to the scientist’s point of view, astrology should explain its causal mechanism with scientific evidence related to magnetic forces or gravity. Further, they argue that astrology should base its prediction on the time of inception rather than the date of birth.

Criticize the skeptical argument on the statistical evidence of astrology

Some researchers have used modern tools to help astrologers prove their claims over predictions they make with their horoscopes. The results have been amazing. There is a need to think and intensify studies to support traditional astrology critically. As a critical thinker in astrology, what will be your take on such a subject?

Gather samples of astrology hypothesis

There are ongoing arguments on the matching of astrological tests. It doesn’t mean that questioners cannot be used in astrological researches. Questioners can give reliable information if you gather all necessary quantifiable behavior and features in the charts and for evaluation. With enough data on astrology, you can study errors and artifacts in their artifacts and remove what doesn’t make sense.

There may be risks of evaluating unrelated features in the artifacts. To avoid such shortcomings, begin by assembling related artifacts and use them for your study.


Some students may find the content in this article contradictory to what they are taught in class. But where do Science and astrology meet? If you are skeptical about astrology, you may never find how the two can meet. To think critically on astrology needs a base. You must find areas of argument where you can now decide the route to take when criticizing or proposing the idea.

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