Astrology is a field that has a long history with humanity. It is growing and keeps advancing every time. From immemorial, astrology has remained to be a field that guides scientific thoughts. As an area of study, astrology merges other fields such as medicine, psychology, and humanity. It isn’t independent when it comes to its principles. To get a better understanding of astrology, you must correlate and merge it with other relevant fields.

If you aspire to advance your academics in astrology, you may be thinking of how to go about it. Can you study astrology in college? You may be seeking to understand if you can pursue a career in this field at the college level. But before you joining college for this noble career, find some tips for astrology topics. Once you are in college, you will need to write a lot of papers on astrology. Having topics in mind beforehand will make your entire academic life in college enjoyable.

Why study astrology?

Astrology is a subject that has been taught for some years. It’s a field that directly impacts human life. Both the young and old generation needs to study astrology and find how it impacts human life. Having knowledge of a particular thing and having faith in it are two different things. For a college student, you must get an understanding of it.

There is power in knowing astrology. The astrology study guide can be helpful for students seeking topics to write in their assignments or just reading to get knowledge.

If you invest in getting skills broadening your scope, you get a deeper understanding and reason for your existence. For that matter researching subjects such as astrology builds your critical thinking and broadens your minds.

What is a good research topic?

A good research topic should be easy to write and with enough content. It should give ample time when writing its format and making your arguments. You should arrive at the results and conclusion while maintaining the relevance of the topic.

When looking for ideas to research for astrology, here are the astrology topics for writing your research paper.

Research topics in astrology

  • Astrology as a cultural or historical phenomenon: Is astrology a cultural or historical phenomenon?
  • The beliefs of primitive people concerning astrology.
  • Roles and achievements of the ancient people in astrology: Research and find out what they achieved.
  • The usefulness and truthful of the ancient astrological practices.
  • The principles of Ptolemy proposed about 2000 years back.
  • The astrological influences on King and nations fortunes.
  • Primary stages of astrological history: Discuss the most significant times and explain why.
  • Features and development of astrology from past to present times.
  • Reasons for several reputable philosophers not appreciating a telescope.
  • The Modern astrology: Discuss the Newtonian physics crises.
  • Classification of the astrology knowledge according to their ages.
  • Subject, object, and astrological epistemology functions.
  • Astrology from the philosophical and religious point of view.
  • Religion and astrology: Discuss the interrelations and connections between the two fields.
  • The religion and astrology practices: Discuss their relationships.
  • The scientific astrology crisis and newton’s physics superiority.
  • The development of the calendar astrology and the astrology omens.
  • The modern astrology definitions: discuss the three aspects of the concept.
  • Does astrology make sense?
  • The famous leaders in their word with their Zodiac signs.
  • Why did astrologers fail to stop Hitler from what he becomes if they already knew it?
  • The mental ability for every Zodiac sign.
  • Is there proof for whether astrology is a science or not?
  • Issues on the relationship between extra-scientific and scientific knowledge.
  • The interactions of scientific disciplines and astrology.
  • Are astrology and astronomy different notions?
  • How can astrology create a difference in our lives?
  • What are the logics behind the moon making people murder, cry or act funnily?


Your ability to write a good topic astrology assignment depends on your choice of topic. If you have no idea what to write, find the astrology study guide. You will get good topics to help you write an essay for your assignment.